14 oktober, 2016

2016-10-14 FAZOE 5 Years first indoor 1,10m ridden by OLivier LOMER FRA

Nice clear round for the young horse FAZOE vd Moskifarm (5 year) in his first indoor 1,10m class with the Young Rider: Olivier LOMER (FRA)
Trainingscenter: Ecurie Terry HOECKMAN in Belgium, Europe.
Terry is the former rider of the 5* Stallion DOREE vd Moskifarm, 5* Stallion For Joy van 't Zorgvliet, 5* Equita van 't Zorgvliet, 5* ITSI PITSI Doree van 't Kathof, 5* Ferro Chin vh Lindenhof, Joy vh Zorgvliet, 3* Stallion Dantee vd Moskifarm, 3* Cor├ęze du pont Letot etc. etc...