13 maart, 2014

2014-03-13 'Corrèze' AMAZING!!! first show 1,20m with Terry HOECKMAN (+a...

Filly 'Corrèze v/d Moskifarm' 6 years Offspring of Stallion Showjumper 'DOREE v/d Moskifarm' give her first amazing 1,20m show in the 'Big Cup' Moorsele, Belgium

With Many Thank for the successful outcome of this project to:

Coach: Jean Claude MUSETTE
Showgroom: Christine DEFOIRDT Professional
Show Jumping Rider: Terry HOECKMAN Video & Regie: Lieve MOSKI
Breeder from this filly for The Moskifarm: Céline ROUSSELET
Youth trainer of Corréze: Francois GOFFAUX

Pedigree Corrèze : DOREE v/d Moskifarm 5* x CHELLANO Z 5* x DARCO 5* x Ramiro Z 5* x Major de la Cour